Microsoft Azure 2016 年 9 月の Update

Azure Update

2016 年 9 月のAzure の Update の情報です。

また、今月より Blog でのアナウンスもできるだけ一緒に乗せてみようと思います。


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Microsoft and Liebherr Collaborating on New Generation of Smart Refrigerators


New Azure Batch capabilities



Major update to SQL Database Advisor makes database performance tuning much faster

API Management: How to mock responses


[Azure Blog]

Improved Automatic Tuning boosts your Azure SQL Database performance



General availability: UK geography and two new Azure regions

API Management service update: September 6, 2016


[Azure Blog]

Microsoft Azure now available from UK datacenters

[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Artificial Intelligence Made Easy: Cognitive Services at the Microsoft Data Science Summit


Azure Scheduler available in United Kingdom


[Azure Blog]

Enterprise-level policy management for Azure VM backup in Recovery Services vault

[Cognitive Services Blog]

9/8/2016: Analyze Live Video in Near Real Time with Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs



Public preview: Microsoft Operations Management Suite Docker container monitoring



[Azure Blog]

StorSimple Virtual Array: Critical update, software version 10.0.10288.0 (Update 0.3) now available

Announcing the General Availability of Storage Service Encryption for Data at Rest



Azure PowerShell 1.7: Hotfix for breaking changes


[Azure Blog]

Service Fabric on Linux support available this month

[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Recent Updates to the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine


Event Hubs Archive in public preview

[Azure Blog]

Azure Event Hubs Archive is now in public preview, providing efficient micro-batch processing



[Azure Blog]

Announcing Update 3.0 for StorSimple 8000 series

Azure DocumentDB powers the modern marketing intelligence platform

[Cognitive Services Blog]

9/15/2016: Cognitive Services September API Updates

[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Building Deep Neural Networks in the Cloud with Azure GPU VMs, MXNet and Microsoft R Server


[Logic Apps Release Notes]
2016-09-15 Release Update


[Azure Blog]

Refreshing user logins in App Service Mobile Apps

Get notified at any time with Real time alert from Azure CDN

[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
5 Cloud AI Innovations at the Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit


Announcing the Azure API Management roadmap

Mobile Apps: Supporting IPv6 and the Apple submission process

[Azure Blog]

Announcing the release of Azure Mobile Apps Node SDK v3.0.0

Project Bletchley – Blockchain infrastructure made easy

[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]

Riding the Big Data Tiger


Azure AD Application Proxy new connector version

[Azure Blog]

Microsoft Azure Germany now available via first-of-its-kind cloud for Europe

Azure Stream Analytics support for IoT Hub Operations Monitoring

[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Azure ML, as Part of the IoT Suite, Now Available in Azure Germany


[Azure Blog]

Deep Learning, Simulation and HPC Applications with Docker and Azure Batch



Service Fabric SDK and Runtime for version 5.2 released
[Logic Apps Release Notes]
2016-09-23 Release Update


Backup policy management for Azure VM backup in a Recovery Services vault

Large instances of SAP HANA on Azure

General availability: Azure DNS

Accelerated Networking is in preview

IPv6 for Azure VMs available in most regions


[Azure Blog]

Strengthen your cloud security posture with new capabilities from Azure Security Center

Cloud innovations empowering IT for business transformation

Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server now GA

Announcing the public preview of Azure Monitor

Azure Networking announcements for Ignite 2016

Announcing Azure DNS General Availability

Availability of H-series VMs in Microsoft Azure

ISO 22301 highlights Azure’s unmatched business continuity & disaster recovery preparedness

Announcing Azure Command-Line Interface (Azure CLI) 2.0 Preview

[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
5 Industries Being Transformed by Big Data & Machine Learning in the Cloud
Machine Learning Moves the Needle on Neural Science


Public preview: Azure Service Fabric for Linux

General availability: Service Fabric for Windows Server

Public preview: Application Gateway web application firewall


[Azure Blog]

Announcing the second technical preview of Microsoft Azure Stack

Resource health exposes historical health

Azure Media OCR Simplified Output



General availability: VNet peering



Microsoft Operations Management Suite releases Update Management

Azure Security Center enhancements

Azure Key Vault Certificates helps simplify and automate tasks for SSL/TLS certificates

Improved automatic tuning boosts Azure SQL Database performance

Generally available: Azure Premium Storage in an additional region

Generally available: Storage Service Encryption for Azure Storage

Generally available: Azure Disk Encryption for Windows and Linux for Standard and Premium IaaS virtual machines

H-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines now available


[Azure Blog]

New security, performance and ISV solutions build on Azure HDInsight’s leadership to make Hadoop enterprise-ready for the cloud

[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Available Now: Videos from the Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit in Atlanta


Go faster with DocumentDB .NET SDK 1.10.0



今月は、前半 はUpdate 少ないなーって思ってたのですが、9/26 からアトランタで開催された Ignight でどかっとUpdateやGAが出てきましたねー。
Launch day has arrived! の記事でも書かれてますが、Ignight ではWindows Server 2016 がローンチされました。
そのうち、Azure にもイメージが来るのかな?今はTP5っぽいけど。

Service Fablic は、まだあんまり使えてないのですが、なかなか注目度の高いサービスがGAとなりまして、ちょっとムネアツです。Linux 向けのもプレビューでこのタイミング出てきたのもアツいっすねー。

Logic Apps Icon has a new look! にも書いてありますけど、Logic App のアイコン変わりましたねー。

Cognitive Service Blog は、RSS もないので情報収集しづらいですねー。。。
9/15 の Update で LUIS が日本語対応されたのとかって、日本の人にとっては結構大きな話だと思うんですけど。