Azure Update

Microsoft Azure 2016 年 4 月の Update


Build 2016 の後も、Microsoft Azure の GA やアナウンスが沢山ありました。
個人的には、勉強会でセッションをやったこともあったので今月は割と早いタイミングでUpdate 情報をキャッチアップできてたかも。




Private preview of Service Fabric on Linux

Public preview: Service Fabric for Windows Server

General availability: Azure Service Fabric

DocumentDB: New pricing option

General availability: Azure Data Catalog

Public preview: Azure Storage Service Encryption

Public preview: Microsoft Power BI Embedded

Azure HDInsight supports R for machine learning and new updates to Spark and Hadoop

Public preview: Microsoft Cognitive Services

Ability to switch to another offer available

Azure Managed Cache Service and Azure In-Role Cache to be retired November 30, 2016



DocumentDB goes planet scale with global databases

Azure Machine Learning supports Azure SQL Data Warehouse

New offer for customers who use ExpressRoute for Office 365 traffic



HDInsight enables customizations to live, running clusters

Azure DevTest Labs: Introducing formulas to create VMs productively

Linux VM support on Azure Batch

Parse Server on Azure managed services



Announcing Azure Functions—event-driven, compute-on-demand experience

Introducing App Service Certificates

Self-Service Troubleshooting for App Service Web Apps Customers



Customize your developer portal pages by using Azure API Management templates



Global search in the Azure portal



More ways to purchase Microsoft Azure Active Directory Basic

Azure App Service SSL certificates available for purchase



Automation: Run As account

XML and SQL stored procedure in Logic Apps

Southeast Australia region available for Azure Automation



General availability: Azure Container Service

Public preview: Azure Search indexer for Azure tables



Azure IoT Suite security articles added



Azure Stream Analytics integration with Power BI is now generally available



Azure IoT Suite goes international



General availability: Azure Cool Blob storage

Azure DevTest Labs available in six more regions

Active geo-replication available on all Azure SQL Database service tiers

New Dv2 instances for Azure HDInsight

Azure IoT Gateway SDK enters public beta

Mobile Apps iOS Client SDK v3.1.0 released

Cognitive Service の Preview って今月に入ってからだったんですねー。

4/29 分は、全然追えてないなー。。。

GA:アーカイブ - 1

GA:アーカイブ - 1

-Azure Update

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