Azure Update

Microsoft Azure 2016 年 12 月の Update


2016 年 12 月のAzure の Update の情報です。



General availability: New API version and .NET SDK for Azure Search

[Azure App Service Team Blog]
App Service Continuous Delivery Preview

Running Azure Functions Locally with the CLI and VS Code


Back up Azure VMs directly from the VM blade


New Quickstart experience for Web Apps


[Azure Blog]

Secondary Indexes on Column Store accelerate SQL Data Warehouse look up queries


Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub



General availability: Mobile Apps SDKs for Apache Cordova and JavaScript

[Azure Blog]

New Microsoft Azure training and discounted certifications

Clustered Columnstore Index in Azure SQL Database


[Cognitive Services Blog]

Microsoft Cognitive Services Hack: Fake News Chrome Extension


Query Store is turned on by default for Azure SQL Database


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New features in Azure Application Insights Metrics Explorer


New price-performance choices for Azure SQL Database elastic pools


Project Bletchley – New Blockchain partners come to Azure Marketplace


Query Store ON is the new default for Azure SQL Database


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]

Introducing Microsoft R Server 9.0

Using SQL Server 2016 with R Services for Campaign Optimization



[Azure Blog]

Azure Media Indexer 2: Japanese support, punctuation improvements, no more time limit



General availability: Azure IoT Hub device management


General availability: Package Management extension for Visual Studio Team Services


[Azure Blog]

New blog launches: Microsoft AppSource, your destination for SaaS business apps


General availability: Azure IoT Gateway SDK


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]

Building Intelligent Bots for Business


[Bing Developer Blog]

Create Smart Bots with QnA Maker and Bing Location Control



[Azure Blog]

Use the Cloud to help people in need


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]

Exploring Azure Data with Apache Drill, Now Pre-Installed on the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine


Azure DevTest Labs: Create claimable lab VMs in a pool


[Bing Developer Blog]

Bootstrap your bot with Microsoft Cognitive Services QnA Maker


DocumentDB: Change Feed support


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]

Using Cortana Intelligence in HoloLens Applications


[Bing Developer Blog]

Add location to the conversation with Bing Location Control


Azure DevTest Labs: Set auto-shutdown for a single lab VM


Verizon geo-filtering migration


[Azure Blog]

AzCopy 5.1.1 Release

Enhanced loading, monitoring, and troubleshooting experience for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Several New Azure Services now available in UK


[Azure App Service Team Blog]
Azure Mobile Apps Node.js SDK v4.0


Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Enhanced loading, monitoring, and troubleshooting experience


[Azure Blog]

Azure Analysis Services is now available in North Europe and West US


Microsoft Azure Storage Import/Export Announcements


Project Bletchley - Corda Distributed Ledger available on Azure



Logic Apps available in India and West US 2/West Central US regions


General availability: Enterprise Integration Pack for Logic Apps


Azure DevTest Labs available in UK South and UK West


General availability: Larger block blobs in Azure Storage


[Azure Blog]

General Availability: Larger Block Blobs in Azure Storage



General availability: VNet peering


Public preview: New Japanese collations are available in Azure SQL Database


Public preview: New T-SQL language features are available in premium tiers of Azure SQL Database




Microsoft Cognitive Services QnA Maker も、面白そうなんで、今度触ってみよーっと。

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