Microsoft Azure 2016 年 10 月の Update

Azure Update

2016 年 10 月のAzure の Update の情報です。



Support for new VM sizes

Azure DevTest Labs: Easier troubleshooting of artifact installation

DocumentDB Python SDK 2.0.0 supports Python 3


[Azure Blog]

Redgate delivers efficient migrations for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

SnelStart uses Azure SQL Database Elastic Pools to rapidly expand its business services

New lower Azure pricing

Microsoft Cloud coming to France



[Azure Blog]

Azure DocumentDB SDK updates include Python 3 support

Encryption At Rest with Azure Site Recovery is now generally available


Azure DevTest Labs: Manage your data disks


[Azure Blog]

Microsoft Cloud in India

What’s brewing in Visual Studio Team Services: October 2016 Digest


[Logic Apps Release Notes]
2016-10-06 Release Update


Linux support in Azure App Service

Azure App Service Companion preview


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Data Mining the 2016 Presidential Campaign Finance Data
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Azure compliance white paper-o-rama


[Hybrid Cloud Blog]
Hybrid Cloud Management Ignite recap: Microsoft Operations Management Suite overview


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Microsoft Common Controls Hub provides uncommon convenience

TIBCO DataSynapse comes to the Azure Marketplace

Azure PowerShell 3.0.0–Highlights and breaking changes

Keeping up with Azure Government: September highlights



General availability: Temporal tables in Azure SQL Database

Mobile Apps .NET SDK 3.0.2 released


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Deep Neural Network in Azure

[Azure Blog]
Azure Stream Analytics query testing now available in the new portal
Temporal Tables are generally available in Azure SQL Database

Simpler Azure Management Libraries for .NET

GEP uses Azure and SQL Database to expand global reach

Microsoft’s true Hybrid Cloud: consistent, not just connected

App Service Mobile Apps .NET Client SDK 3.0.1 release



Azure Scheduler updates HTTP/HTTPS job timeout

API Management service update: October 12, 2016


[Azure Blog]

Azure Managed Cache and In-Role Cache Service shutdown reminder

Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK 3.2.0 Release



Public preview: SOAP pass-through support for Azure API Management

Cross-partition ORDER BY queries available in DocumentDB Java and Node.js SDKs

Four integrated services for Microsoft Operations Management Suite now available

General availability: UltraPerformance Gateway tier for Azure ExpressRoute

Improving Azure App Service Node.js and PHP developer experience with Linux support



[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Busting the 5 myths of AI with the Cortana Intelligence Gallery


[Azure Blog]

The most trusted Government Cloud for mission critical workloads – check the facts


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
R Tools for Visual Studio 0.5


Update: Automation Graphical Authoring SDK

Error handling added to Automation graphical runbooks

Azure App Service Companion preview available for iOS


[Azure Blog]

Project Bletchley: Blockchain infrastructure updates


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Jump Start Your Analytics with Cortana Intelligence Solutions


[Azure Blog]

Release preview of Microsoft System Center and Application Insights integration


[Logic Apps Release Notes]
Release Update 2016-10-20


Akamai Standard supports geo-filtering


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Major Breakthroughs from Microsoft Research this Week – in Conversational Speech, FPGA Acceleration & Genomic Sequencing


[Azure Blog]

Azure is Gold: CSA STAR Certification achieved

ASR and Azure Hybrid Use Benefit make application migration to Azure even more cost-effective

Geo-filtering available for Akamai Standard profiles



[Azure Blog]

Azure Government – 3x Growth in 2016 and over 75 new capabilities in the last 90 days

Announcing Azure Analysis Services preview


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
How to Train a Deep-Learned Object Detection Model in the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit


Azure DocumentDB supports IP-based access controls for restricting database access


[Azure Blog]

Azure Certified for IoT expands to help customers choose the right IoT device


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Speeding Up Azure ML Web Services Containing R or Python Modules


[Azure Blog]

General availability for Azure Search S3, S3 High Density, and new regions

An important milestone in enterprise integration – launch of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016


[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Healthcare Analytics with Cortana Intelligence

[Logic Apps Release Notes]
Release Update 2016-10-27


DocumentDB: Expanded geospatial support, including automatic indexing of Polygon and LineString objects



[Azure Blog]
Microsoft reimagines open source cloud hardware

Azure SQL Database: Now supporting up to 10 years of Backup Retention (Public Preview)
[Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog]
Applying Deep Learning at Cloud Scale, with Microsoft R Server & Azure Data Lake



11/1,2 でお台場で開催されている Tech Summit では、この辺の情報も日本語で聞けるのかな?
Tech Summit の KeyNote はすでにアーカイブされていて、視聴することができます。

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あと、Cognitive Service には、Transfer API が追加となってます。
これまで、Datamarket で公開されていたMicrosoft Transfer Text とほぼほぼ使い方感は同じ感じです。
Cognitive Service も、Blog とかでアナウンスしてくれるといいんだけどな。


さて今月もガシガシ Azure をさわろっと~!!