Azure Update

Microsoft Azure 2016年1 月の Update


今回で3回目の Microsoft Azure の Update のまとめです。
こういう機会を自分で作らないと、なかなかUpdate を見過ごしてしまうので。。。
ということで、2016 年 1 月のMicrosoft Azure の更新情報をまとめです。




Azure Automation: Graphical and PowerShell runbooks added to Gallery

Azure Search: Search Explorer available

Azure Data Lake tools for Visual Studio: December update



Azure DevTest Labs: January 2016 update

Enhanced migration and disaster recovery for VMware using ASR



Classic network security groups available in portal

Azure Search: Lucene query syntax fully supported



General availability: Azure Automation Desired State Configuration

General availability: Azure Premium Storage in South Central US region

Public preview: Microsoft Operations Management Suite alert notification and remediation

General availability: SQL Database Index Advisor

New Premium plans for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp and incentives for existing RDS CAL owners

General availability: Zend Z-Ray for Azure app service

General availability: Azure Role-Based Access Control with custom roles

More ways to purchase Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Self-service subscription transfer globally available



Azure Search: Search Traffic Analytics available



Preview: Customize lexical analyzers in Azure Search



Azure Batch Service adds MPI and offline node support

Public preview: Automation Graphical Authoring SDK

Preview: Azure App Service cloning now available between regions

Updates to Azure support portal

A new way to deploy VSTS in the Azure portal



New T-SQL programmability features in Azure SQL Database



Azure Search: .NET SDK version 1.0.1-preview



Preview: Log analytics for Azure Load Balancer

Azure Site Recovery available for Azure Government



Azure Search の Update も多いですねー。全然触ったことないや。。

もっと、Azure の勉強しなきゃ。。。


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GA:アーカイブ - 1

-Azure Update

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